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This is a work in progress, so stop back often to see all the new additions. 

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Blingdana’s are 22 x 22 inch square.  Each design is approximately 3-4 inches tall on the front middle of the bandana, scattered bling will be larger then the design.  They are made from 100% polyester microfiber which can quickly wick, absorb, and evaporate moisture. It is also breathable, wind resistant and keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  The Elasticool® elastic bandanas are super soft, highly stretchy, nicely fitted and wear comfortably like your 2nd skin.  The Elasticool® elastic bandanas can be used as mask, scarf, hair band, do-rags, bandanas, skull cap, pirate cap, neckerchief...

Each "Blingdana" is $19.95 with a $4.95 shipping fee.  If you order additional "Blingdanas" shipped to the same address there will be no added shipping fee.

Approximate Design

We accept payment through Paypal.

I am Trudie King-Feldman, I take enormous pride in creating my product, and hope that you'll find something you like.  Each bandana is individually created so currently you have a choice in color and approximate design.  Please note designs that you like (ie. abstract, butterflys, crosses, celtic, hearts, peace sign, skulls, etc.) when you place your order.  It is also helpful when you let me know if there are other colors that you really like or really dislike.

I look forward to doing business with you.

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